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Moscow Defense Brief

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Special Issue, 2019


For more than a decade, the Moscow Defense Brief has been on the leading edge of Russian defense, providing readers with a unique perspective from the inside. Our ambition in 2004 was to provide timely and accurate analysis of developments and trends in Russia’s defense policy and industry, tailored to the demands of defense and security professionals in the English-speaking world. The Moscow Defense Brief remains true to this purpose after more than 10 years, and continues to provide unique insight to our subscribers through our location, contacts, expertise, and reputation.

The pulse of Russian defense activity can only be felt and earnestly reported from one location — Moscow. CAST is located in the heart of Russia’s capital and our experts monitor the local stream of defense and industry information, attend important policy and industry events, and measure the intangible metrics of the Russian defense establishment. CAST has an unrivaled network of subject-matter experts from Russia’s defense industry, government, academia, and media. This access allows CAST to provide an unparalleled level of detail on important yet esoteric topics. Over the past decade, this networked position has yielded a body of in-house expertise that allows the Moscow Defense Brief to provide detailed analysis, well beyond aggregation and simple commentary.

The value of the Moscow Defense Brief comes from our stalwart reputation as a professional, unaffiliated, nongovernment think tank. The need for an independent Russian perspective on these matters is even more critical today than when we started due to the growing complexity of international security challenges. The Moscow Defense Brief continues to evolve with the shifting Russian defense scene, yet it is still committed to providing its subscribers with only the highest quality of research and analysis.

About CAST

The Centre for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies (CAST) is an independent, for-profit think tank in Moscow that was founded in 1997. Its core research areas cover Russian defense and security policy, the Russian defense industry, and the Russia’s role in the international arms trade. CAST business lines include publication of English and Russian language defense journals, digests, and full-length books; contract research and market consulting; and custom information services to both the public and the private sectors. CAST services and products deliver exceptional value to our clients by leveraging an extensive network of sources and expertise, matched with independent and detailed analysis.

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