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# 1 (3), 2005 Moscow Defense Brief

Our Authors

Mikhail S. Barabanov Graduated from Moscow State University of Culture. Currently employed by the Moscow city government. Independent expert on naval history and armaments.

Georgi N. Engelhardt. Head of Program at the Institute of Religion and Policy (Moscow), working on political Islam & Islamic radicalism in Russia as well as Russian Moslem community. After graduation from the History Faculty, Moscow State University (1994) received Diplome d’etudes approfondies (D.E.A.) of the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (Histoire et Civilisations). In 1994–2001 worked on Bosnian Civil War & contemporary Balkan crisis. Since 1999 studies Russian Islamic community, focusing on the spread and development of radical trends, shift of balance between major Islamic centers and on Russian Moslems participation in national politics.

Vasiliy A. Fofanov. Graduated from Moscow University’s Computational Mathematics Department and holds a PhD in Computer Science. He is researching modern armor design, development and deployment practices since 1997.

Konstantin V. Makienko. Graduated from the Oriental Department at the Moscow State Institute for International Relations in 1995 and the French–Russian Master’s School of Political Science and International Relations in 1996. Head of a project on conventional armaments at the Center for Policy Studies in Russia (PIR–Center), 1996–1997. Since September 1997, Deputy Director of CAST. Author of numerous articles on Russia’s military-technical cooperation with other countries.

Dmitry V. Vasiliev. In 2004 graduated from the State University – Higher School of Economics with a Master’s Degree in Strategic Management. From 2003 to mid 2004 worked as an analyst at Absolut Bank in the Department of Risk Evaluation. Currently working since July 2004 as a researcher at CAST.

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