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# 2 (2), 2004 Moscow Defense Brief

Mikhail S. Barabanov. Graduated from the Moscow State University of Culture. Currently employed by the Moscow city government. Independent expert on naval history and armaments.

Andrei G. Ionin is a graduate of the Mozhaisky Institute of Military Engineering. He served as a researcher at the Baikonur Aeronautical Facility from 1983 to 1988. Since 1988 he occupied different scientific positions within the Ministry of Defense Scientific Research Institute. He received his PhD in 1995. His contributions to MDB in the capacity of an independent expert.

Vassily B. Kashin is a graduate of the Institute of Asian and African Studies at Moscow State University and has held various posts in the government. He is currently a senior analyst at the Russian Institute of the Far East.

Vladimir R. Legoyda. Associate Professor at Moscow State Institute for International Relations (MGIMO – University), department of World Literature and Culture. Chief Editor of Orthodox periodical “Foma”. Executive Director of Research Center “Church and International Relations”. Graduated from MGIMO-University in 1996 (School of Journalism). PhD degree in 2000 (Political Science). Professional and academic interests: religion and politics, Church and state relations, concept of “civil religion”. Author of more than 30 articles on religio-political and philosophical problems.

Konstantin V. Makienko. Graduated from the Oriental Department at the Moscow State Institute for International Relations in 1995 and the French-Russian Masters’ School of Political Science and International Relations in 1996. Head of a project on conventional armaments at the Center for Policy Studies in Russia (PIR-Center), 1996-1997. Since September 1997, Deputy Director of CAST. Author of numerous articles on Russia’s military-technical cooperation with other countries.

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