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# 2 (2), 2004 Moscow Defense Brief

Icon on a cover: St. Martin of Tours (4th Cent.)

St. Martin entered military service in the Roman army at age 15. At 18, already an officer, he was baptized a Christian by St. Hilary, the Bishop of Arles. He served in the military as Christian for another two years, enduring the criticism of his compatriots for his youth and faith. His term of duty ended during a campaign against the Germans and, being free to leave, he was accused of cowardice. To this he replied, "Put me on the front line, without weapon or shield. I shall no more carry a sword for I am now a soldier of Christ". St. Martin went on to become the bishop of Tours and an advocate of prisoners of conscience and prisoners of war, imploring Christian and pagan alike to have mercy on the defeated. He reposed in 401. The Orthodox Church celebrates him memory on October 12.

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