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# 2 (16), 2009 Moscow Defense Brief

Our Authors

Mikhail Barabanov. Graduated from the Moscow National University of Culture, then worked for the Moscow City Government. Editor-in- Chief of MDB since 2008. An expert on naval history and armaments.

Viktor Goremykin, Lieutenant General. In 1980 he graduated from the Chelyabinsk Tank Military Command School, in 1994 – from the Academy of the Counter-intelligence Service, in 2001 – from the Russian Academy of the State Service. Since 2000 he served in the Main Personnel Directorate of the General Staff. Since April, 2009 – head of the Directorate.

Andrey Frolov. Graduated with honours degree from the Faculty of Foreign Affairs of Saint Petersburg State University and in 2003 from French-Russian Masters’ School of Political Science and International Relations. In 2003–2004 – researcher at the Center for Policy Studies in Russia (PIR-Center), executive editor of Yaderny Kontrol magazine (in Russian). In 2004 – project manager of Export control system transformation in Russia in 1999–2003 programme.

Anton Khlopkov is Director of the Moscow-based Center for Energy and Security Studies (CENESS) and Editor-in-Chief of the Nuclear Club journal. He is a graduate of Moscow Engineering Physics Institute (MEPhI). From 2000 to 2009 he has worked for the PIR Center (Center for Policy Studies in Russia), including as Deputy Director (2003–2007) and Executive Director (2007–2009). He is the Editor-in-Chief of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Encyclopedia (2009). Co-author of the monographs: «At the Nuclear Threshold: The Lessons of North Korea and Iran for the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Regime» (2007); Global Partnership Against the Spread of Weapons of Mass Destruction Guidebook (2006); Nuclear Nonproliferation in Russian-American Relations: History, Opportunities and Outlook (2000); author of the monograph Iran’s Nuclear Program in Russian-American Relations (2001). He is an expert on nuclear proliferation and atomic energy issues.

Anton Lavrov. Graduated from the Tver State Technical University. He is the independent aviation analyst and the most outstanding Russian independent researcher of the Russian-Georgian August War 2008.

Fyodor Lukyanov is Editor-in-Chief of the Russia in Global Affairs journal, published in Russian and English with participation of Foreign Affairs, and an international columnist with the Kommersant daily, Vedomosti, The Moscow Times and Gazeta.ru online source; leading national radio stations and TV channels. Fyodor Lykyanov graduated from Moscow State University 1991 as a Germanist. He worked as a correspondent, commentator and editor for many Russia media. Member of the Presidium of the Russian Council on Foreign and Defense Policy, an influential independent organization providing foreign policy expertise.

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