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#5 (67), 2018


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# 2 (40), 2014 Moscow Defense Brief

Our Authors

Dmitry Boltenkov, a graduate of Rostov State University, is a naval historian and independent navy analyst. He is also the author of an upcoming treatise on the history of Soviet and Russian naval aviation.

Vasily Kashin, PhD. In 1996 graduated from the Institute of Asian and African Studies (Moscow), then worked for various Russian government bodies. He currently works as a senior research fellow at the Institute of Far East Studies (Moscow), and in the Centre for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies (CAST) researcher since January 2012. MDB project director.

Anton Lavrov. Graduated from the Tver State Technical University. He is independent military analyst and one of the most prominent independent Russian researchers of the 2008 Russian-Georgian War.

Aleksey Nikolsky. Graduated from the Moscow National University of Economics, Statistics and Informatics in 1995. He worked as a correspondent for several newspapers and for Vedomosti since 2001.

Andrey Frolov. Graduated with honours degree from the Faculty of Foreign Affairs of Saint Petersburg State University and in 2003 from French-Russian Masters’ School of Political Science and International Relations.In 2003–2004 — researcher at the Center for Policy Studies in Russia (PIR-Center), executive editor of Yaderny Kontrol magazine (in Russian). In 2004 — project manager of Export control system transformation in Russia in 1999–2003 programme. A Centre for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies (CAST) researcher since January 2011.

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