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# 4 (26), 2011 Moscow Defense Brief

Our Authors

Mikhail Barabanov. Graduated from the Moscow National University of Culture, then worked for the Moscow City Government. Editor-in-Chief of MDB since 2008. An expert on naval history and armaments.

Vasiliy Kashin, graduated from the Moscow State University’s Institute of Asian and African Countries in 1996, served in various government agencies. Senior research fellow of the Russian Academy of Sciences’ Institute of the Far East in 2002-2009; currently serves as deputy head of the Beijing bureau of the RIA Novosti news agency. Holds a PhD in Political Sciences.

Anton Lavrov. Graduated from the Tver State Technical University. An independent aviation analyst and one of the most prominent independent Russian researchers of the 2008 Russian-Georgian War.

Mikhail Lukin. Graduated in 1992 from Moscow State University with a degree in Journalism. In 1990 joined the Postfactum news agency as an editor. In 1993 became a staff member of the XX Century and the World think-tank, and in 1994–1997 worked as head of the information section in the National News Service. In 1997 became deputy director of the information center of the Kommersant Publishing House. Director of the information center of the Kommersant Publishing House since 2003.

Aleksandr Stukalin is a graduate of the Bauman Moscow State Technical University. Joined Kommersant, Russia’s leading broadsheet, in 1992 and became the newspaper’s Editor-in-Chief in 2004. Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the Russian Newsweek in 2005–2008. Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the Vedomosti newspaper in March-September 2008. Deputy editor-in-chief of Kommersant from October 2008 to date.

Ivan Safranchuk. Ph. D. Political Science. Dr. Safranchuk graduated from the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO), then worked at the PIR Center for Policy Studies. Dr. Safranchuk headed the Moscow Branch of the Center for Defense Information (in 2006 renamed into World Security Institute — WSI) from 2001 to 2007. From 2007 Dr. Safranchuk heads the private consulting firm LaTUK, providing services on foreign policy, energy, and security issues. He is publisher of the analytical magazine The Great Game: Politics, Business and Security in Central Asia. From 2003 Dr. Safranchuk also lectures at MGIMO. In 2011 Dr. Safranchuk was appointed deputy director at the Institute of Contemporary International Studies (Diplomatic Academy of Russian MFA).

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